F135: Ready to fight tonight.

The F135, which powers all three variants of the F-35 Lightning II, is the most advanced fighter engine in the world, delivering more than 40,000 lbs. of thrust and unmatched advances in safety, performance and reliability.

Affordable: Pratt & Whitney has reduced the production cost of the F135 by 52 percent since 2009 and is now targeting a 50 percent reduction in sustainment costs, with a goal to bring operating costs for the fifth-generation F135 engine down to the same level as fourth-generation fighter engines.

Available: The F135 is ready to fight tonight with a mission capability rate consistently above 95 percent in 200,000+ flight hours and a number of successful combat deployments under its belt. The F135 builds upon P&W's legacy of single engine safety with a Non-Recoverable In-Flight Shutdown (NRIFS) rate 13X better than 4th generation fighter engines and an Unscheduled Engine Removal (UER) rate 3X better than 4th generation fighter engines.

Adaptive: Pratt & Whitney’s growth options for the F135 offer low risk, affordable, variant-common upgrades that are critical enablers for future capability growth of the F-35 weapon system. Growth Option 1.0 delivers a 5-6 percent fuel burn improvement and 6-10 percent thrust increase across the F-35 flight envelope as well as up to a 5 percent increase in powered lift thrust for the F-35B variant (with modifications to the lift fan). Growth Option 2.0 leverages the same fuel burn and thrust improvements as Growth Option 1.0, and brings customizable increases in power and thermal management system (PTMS) capacity that can be configured based on customer requirements.